Innovative Water Supply Awards

The Innovative Water Supply Awards submission period is now closed. We look forward to recognizing the winners at the January 24 awards banquet.

Innovative Water in Texas

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) recognizes the importance of innovation as we look for ways to develop and conserve our state's water supply. Entities of all sizes, both public and private, have turned to innovative ideas and solutions to help address the state's growing water demands. In recognition of the achievements made by these entities, the TWDB will present the Innovative Water Supply Awards at the Water for Texas 2017 conference held January 23–25, 2017, in Austin.

The Innovative Water Supply Awards will be presented in three categories:

  • Technology - Recognizes a project that utilized a new technology for developing water supplies, advanced a current technology, used an existing technology for water supplies in an innovative way, or used technology for a water data-related project.
  • Conservation - Recognizes a significant conservation project in the state that conserved water or advanced the field of conservation.
  • Education - Recognizes a project for excellence in water resources education or an educational initiative that heightened awareness about water resources in Texas.


  • Nominations in all three categories are open to individuals, companies, organizations, municipalities, and local and state governmental entities. Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by another person/entity.
  • Projects must have broken ground or been completed in the past five years (as of November 18, 2016).
  • Multiple entities should apply as one applicant if they all supported the same project.


Projects will be scored by a panel of TWDB staff members per the criteria listed below. The applicant in each category with the highest score will be named the winner.

  • Technology category
    • Demonstration of how the project used technology to develop or secure water supplies
    • Transferability of the technology or the project to other water suppliers or entities
    • Long-term viability of the technology or project
    • Originality of project
  • Conservation category
    • Demonstration of how the project used advanced conservation to secure water supplies
    • Improvement in water use efficiency or water conserved relative to the amount of water used prior to the project, expressed as a percentage
    • Evidence that project supports implementation of conservation strategies identified in the state water plan
    • Originality of project
    Note: Educational conservation projects should be submitted in the education category.
  • Education category
    • Demonstration of how the project raised awareness about water supplies
    • Evidence of the reach of the project on local community, school systems, the region, or statewide
    • Transferability of the project or the premise behind the project beyond the original audience
    • Originality of project

Entry guidelines:

Applicant must complete and submit the contact information cover sheet found on page 3 of the Innovative Water Supply Awards call for entries.

  • Applications are limited to five pages (excluding cover sheet), with one-inch margins and font no smaller than 10 point.
  • The project description should include the following:
    • Project background and need
    • Objectives
    • Project details and implementation
    • Reach of the project and customers served (if applicable)
    • How the project makes a difference and/or meets the objectives
    • Additional information that demonstrates how the project meets the scoring criteria
  • Include photos of the project, if available


The TWDB will accept applications via email, mail, and in person. The application period is open Monday, October 10, 2016 through Friday, November 18, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. All applications must be received by the 5:00 p.m. deadline on November 18. Winners will be notified the week of December 19.

To submit your application:

  • Email
    • For attachments larger than 15 MB, please send via a large file transfer system.
  • By mail:
    • Texas Water Development Board
      Attn: Christina Hutchinson
      P.O. Box 13231
      Austin, TX 78711-3231
  • In person:
    • Texas Water Development Board
      Attn: Christina Hutchinson
      1700 North Congress Avenue
      Sixth Floor
      Austin, TX 78711

Note: You will receive an email confirming that the TWDB received your application. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Christina Hutchinson at 512-463-8725.


Winners will be notified the week of December 19 and will receive 2 complimentary tickets to the Water for Texas 2017 awards banquet on the evening of January 24, 2017. Winners will be responsible for travel and conference costs.

For questions, please contact Christina Hutchinson at 512-463-8725 or